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Alison M. Caddell

MA in Writing

"Advocate for the creativity in professional writing and the professionalism of creative writing."

--Alison M. Caddell Motto


All writing tells a story. In creative writing, this ability to tell a story is usually done on purpose, with transparent and even explicit intent. But in professional writing, stories are often told in subtle ways, with that implicit nature used to supplement the professional goals of communication. The academic and business world are experiencing these truths yet many writing experts still feel hesitant to admit to (or even proclaim) their creativity. I want to change that, by being a dynamic example of a professional writer and instructor who is equally proud of her creative writing work. My journey to this moment began in the Master of Arts Writing program at the University of North Alabama, when I had to choose between creative writing and technical writing as the focus of my studies. I chose creative writing because I've always been passionate and excited about writing poetry, short stories, and creative essays. But I also chose to extend my 36 hours of required study into 54 hours of completion, in order to fully understand the "other side" of writing. And the more I understand about professional writing, the more I realize that this divide is unnecessary - and counterproductive. I would argue that the most successful creative writers are also highly professional, and the most successful professional writers are also highly creative. That is my advocacy and my intentions as a writing instructor: to teach others in and outside of the classroom just how true that statement is.

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Teaching Experience

Visiting Clinical Instructor of Writing, Purdue University

August 2021-Present

  • English 420 Professional Writing

  • English 421 Technical Writing

ITS/ETS Instructor, University of North Alabama

August 2018-August 2021

  • Instructional and Educational Training

Writing Center Consultant, University of North Alabama

June 2018-July 2018

  • Writing Center Tutor

Sabbath School Teacher

April 2018 - June 2021

  • Weekly Sabbath School lessons

Spanish Consultant/Instructor, Tuskegee University

July 2008-August 2008

  • Spanish Vocabulary related to veterinary medicine

  • Course taught for the Summer Enrichment & Reinforcement Program (SERP) in the School of Veterinary Medicine

Alison Caddell Portrait_edited.jpg


January 2018 - May 2021

University of North Alabama

Master of Arts in Writing

The Master of Arts in Writing from the University of North Alabama is a 36-semester-hour program offering concentrations in creative writing, rhetoric and composition, and technical writing. The program also offers courses in creative writing, technical writing, grant writing, document design, publishing, and composition theory. Aiming to have a diversified understanding of writing techniques across concentrations and courses, I completed 54-semester hours in diverse areas of writing, seeking to be fully prepared to engage in and address professional, academic, technical, and creative techniques and opportunities.

September 2000 - August 2008

University of Montevallo

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at the University of Montevallo included the study of Spanish grammar and phonetics, linguistic development in the Romance Languages, Latin American history and culture, Latin American literature, and Spanish literature. This was supplemented further by a study abroad in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

Professional Writing Interests

Working on Laptop
A woman sitting by her computer in a trading room
A presentation at the office

Professional Branding & Presentation

Communication as a Tool of Your Professional Image

Data Storytelling

Using the Facts to Support the Narrative

Persuasive Writing

Getting the Yes

Creative Writing Interests

Desert Highway

Southern Gothic Literature

Golden Shovel Poetry

Bop Poetry

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

Story Book

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