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Alison M. Caddell, MA in Writing

Professional, Technical, & Creative Writer

Program Administrator & Training Coordinator

Educator & Instructor of Writing


Master of Arts in Writing, University of North Alabama

Areas of Interest:

Innovative Pedagogy, Writing for Healing Advocacy, Curriculum Development & Enhancement

Academic & Teaching Interests

Writing for Healing

  • Being a faculty member at any university is a privilege and honor that comes with many responsibilities.

  • The most important one (in  my opinion) is the way that we care for our students' well-being. 

  • Yes, this includes the obvious area of intellectual well-being. 

  • But we must also be aware of their need for guidance and sincerity from faculty and staff, regarding their mental and emotional well-being.

  • In modern times, and in the United States of America, we must also be honest about the need to potentially heal from traumatic events that could happen on-campus. 

  • I recently presented on this topic at Purdue University's English Pedagogy Showcase (March 2023):

  • I hope to continue researching and highlighting this important topic.

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Cute Notebooks

Creative Writing

I studied creative writing at the University of North Alabama, specializing in various genres of poetry, as well as Southern Gothic fiction. 

Graphic Shapes

 Professional & Technical Writing

I have been teaching professional writing and technical writing for nearly two years at Purdue University. My curriculum and professional specialties include the following:

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Academic Profile

I am writing instructor who is passionate about the way pedagogical application can be used as a response to the needs and well-being of students, while upholding innovative outcomes, university initiatives, and intellectual goals.

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