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Alison Caddell Bio

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I am a creative writer at heart, who recognizes the viability of professional and technical writing. 

I began my education with the mindset of receiving a degree that would guarantee work stability. Therefore, the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish seemed to be a sensible direction. After receiving this degree from the University of Montevallo, I returned to my hometown of Tuskegee, Alabama, and completed a short stint teaching Spanish at Tuskegee University. Afterwards, I transitioned to various staff roles that required professional and technical writing skills:

  • Resident Hall Director

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Office Manager

  • Grant Writing Assistant

  • Administrative Coordinator of Public Relations

I finally decided to explicitly pursue a career in writing, because it was the one thing I could remember consistently being passionate about. Therefore, I relocated to Florence, Alabama and pursued the Master of Arts in Writing from the University of North Alabama.


Still thinking from the perspective of what I was passionate about, I chose the concentration of Creative Writing, finding great joy in poetry, fiction, and pedagogy courses. I also embraced the practicality of completing additional credit hours in technical and professional writing courses.


While creative writing fulfills passion for writing, professional and technical writing provide opportunities to contribute to professional and technical industries as an instructor. Thus, no matter the type of writing involved, I enjoy teaching others how to become better writers and communicators. 

Because I am just as passionate about teaching as I am about writing. 

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