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Alison Caddell Bio

​The Journey to Embracing My Passions


I began my education with the mindset of receiving a degree that would guarantee work stability. For this reason, I graduated from the University of Montevallo with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. After several years working in higher education, I pursued the Master of Arts in Writing from the University of North Alabama, with a concentration in creative writing. Still, because of my professional experience, I took several courses in professional and technical writing as well. 

Professional Experiences

Most of my career, I focused on building experiences I thought would guarantee financial success. Therefore, I consistently work in higher education through the following roles:

  • Grant Writing Assistant

  • Administrative Assistant & Office Manager

  • Administrative Coordinator of Public Relations

  • Helpdesk Manager

  • Resident Hall Director

Eventually, I decided to explicitly pursue a career in writing, because it was the one thing I could remember consistently being passionate about. Therefore, I completed the Master of Arts in Writing from the University of North Alabama. Soon after I began teaching professional and technical writing courses at Purdue University. 


Passion for Writing

While I continue to believe in the practicality of professional experience, I've realized its just as important to pursue your gifts, passion, and calling. Therefore, I am determined to cultivate opportunities to stay active as a poet, fiction writer, and pedagogy innovator. I enjoy teaching others how to become better writers and communicators. Yet, I will remain diligent in my pursuits of creative writing opportunities, even if I have to create them myself. 

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