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I am a creative writer at heart, who recognizes the viability of professional and technical writing. 

I began my education with the mindset of receiving a degree that would guarantee work stability. Therefore, the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish seemed to be a sensible direction. After receiving this degree from the University of Montevallo, I returned to my hometown of Tuskegee, Alabama. After a short contract teaching Spanish to veterinary students, I found most work opportunities at Tuskegee University required skills outside of teaching or using Spanish.


Therefore, I found myself depending upon my writing and communication skills, in the following jobs:

  • Resident Hall Director

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Office Manager

  • Grant Writing Assistant

  • Administrative Coordinator of Public Relations

I finally decided to explicitly pursue a career in writing, because it was the one thing I could remember consistently being passionate about. Despite my success at Tuskegee, I relocated to Florence, Alabama. There, I pursued the Master of Arts in Writing from the University of North Alabama.


Still thinking from the perspective of my passion, I chose Creative Writing as my concentration. Yet, I could not shake the need for practicality, so I completed several additional credit hours by adding technical and professional writing courses to a curriculum that only required classes in poetry, fiction, and pedagogy.


My reasoning was this: while creative writing fulfills most of my passion; professional and technical writing were more likely to offer career stability. Besides, no matter the type of writing, I enjoy teaching others how to become better writers. 

Because I am just as passionate about teaching as I am about writing. 


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