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Academic Profile

I am an award-winning writing instructor currently teaching professional and technical writing at Purdue University. I also specialize in creative writing. 


Master of Arts in Writing, May 2021

University of North Alabama

Florence, Alabama

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, August 2008

University of Montevallo

Montevallo, Alabama

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching style is based upon three things: feedback, openness, and demonstration:

  • Feedback - Though I always start with a specific structure for the course, I request feedback from students. This allows me to adjust the course to students' needs and learning style. 

  • Openness - Based upon this feedback and classroom interactions, I am open to critiques and insight from students. This creates deeper investment and trust in the course, which also in higher engagement and class participation. 

  • Demonstration - Writing is a subject that requires more than just presentation and discussion. Therefore, I encourage in-class writing and discussion activities. This provides students with a demonstration of the theories and practices the class lectures are based on. 

Teaching & Work Experience:

My teaching style is also highly informed and impacted by my work experiences in professional and technical writing. This allows me to verify theories and practices, in addition to quoting from established publications. For more details into how my work experiences are merged with theories & process, feel free to review the following:

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