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Alison Mechelle

Poet and storyteller from Tuskegee, Alabama.

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Stuff is an absurdist flash fiction about three sisters and their mother, each of them struggling against the prospect of "stuff" taking over their lives. "And each time we all went home, to look at the corners and spaces that used to hold our sleeping or sitting bodies, we’d see our shadows and indentations replaced with more stuff."​ To read the full story, click the image, or the text below: available as a free e-book download.

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Writing for Healing: Poetry Prompts for Healing & Recovery (May 2023) is a collection of journal and poetry prompts, inspired by the 12 step plan to recovery. Readers who follow these prompts will explore their feelings, needs, and impact while accessing their creativity and capacity for healing. The eBook is available on multiple platforms, including Amazon Kindle. The paperback is available on Amazon. ​AmazonOther Platforms (eBook only)

Maternal Nature.jpg
Maternal Nature

The ocean floats around her,
Carrying secrets and burdens she will never discuss
Containing the plans she constantly makes, details she must steward and manage


Mountains rise beside her -
Monuments of all that she does and achieves
But they do not carve her name in the sky


And one day, they do.

But if she is guided by the hands of God,
they are the waves of peace, of it all finally being finished,
of it all finally being done.


And her children look at the mountains.
Her children are the ones who speak her name. 

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