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Poet & Storyteller

Alison Mechelle

Alison Mechelle is a poet and storyteller from Tuskegee, Alabama. She is currently writing and releasing collections of poetry and poetry-related work. Her first release is titled Writing for Healing: Poetry Prompts for Healing & Recovery (May 2023).

Current Project

Writing for Healing: Poetry Prompts for Healing & Recovery (May 2023) is a collection of journal and poetry prompts, inspired by the 12 step plan to recovery. Readers who follow these prompts will explore their feelings, needs, and impact while accessing their creativity and capacity for healing. The eBook is available on multiple platforms, including Amazon Kindle. The paperback is available on Amazon. 


Other Platforms (eBook only)

Future Project

Poems by Alison Mechelle.jpg

I am currently working on a chapbook of poems, to be published at a later date. 

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