Business Communications

Business Communications is an area of technical communication that describes any professional communication used to fulfill business goals. This can include emails, memos, and reports.


  • Work Experience. Before becoming a writing instructor, I often held jobs as an administrative assistant, office manager, or secretary. These positions require unique documentation that resulted in the need to design specific documents.

  • Business Communication Example: a common and effective business communication document is the memorandum (or memo). Memos are used by businesses as an internal communication between colleagues, employees, and departments, often sharing details that wouldn't be discussed with the public or people outside of the company. Memos are formatted similarly to emails, but written in a word processing document. They are effective because of their multi-purpose nature. For example, they can summarize meeting initiatives, introduce business proposals and requests, or inform colleagues about events and upcoming tasks. I have written an example, which you can read by clicking the button below.

NOTE: it would be a breach of confidentiality to publicly share an actual memo, so this sample represents an imagined scenario and is not an actual letter sent to real people.

Typical Business Communications