Instructional Communication is an important area of technical communication. Its major goal is to educate and inform. The different types of instructional writing can include: textbooks, user manuals, operational manuals, training documents, procedure guides, software help files, written tutorials, and how-to articles.


  • Work Experience:

    • Training & Development Coordinator. I held this position for a construction reporting company outside of Birmingham, Alabama. My responsibilities included organizing training meetings for existing employees; as well as training schedules for new hires. I also wrote procedure guides and created training videos. 

    • ITS Student Services Helpdesk Coordinator. I worked in this position at the University of North Alabama, while completing my graduate studies. I wrote procedure guides related to instructional software, process documentation for student workers, and webpages for training purposes. 

  • Teaching Experience. When teaching technical writing to university students, I guide them through the process and rules of creating instructional documents. Students produce materials related to their fields of study. These fields include STEM majors as well as majors in the humanities. 

  • Samples & Examples: