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Poem: Nature of Mother

After the passing of my mother in late April, I've had a lot of thoughts on what it must be like to be a mother. What is the nature of mothering? Here is the artwork and poem I created in answering that question.

Nature of Mother

The ocean floats around her,

Carrying secrets and burdens she will never discuss

Containing the plans she constantly makes, details she must steward

and manage

Mountains rise beside her -

Monuments of all that she does and achieves

But they do not carve her name in the sky

She stands in the floating water that rises

just above her chin,

Wondering if the waves will one day take her under

And one day, they do.

But if she is guided by the hands of God,

they are the waves of peace, of it all finally being finished,

of it all finally being done.

And her children look at the mountains.

Her children are the ones who speak her name.

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