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Poetry Prompt 2 in the Writing for Healing 30 Day Challenge

It's Day 2 of our #30PoetryChallenge - #WritingForHealing. Here is our first prompt.

Table of Contents:

Weekly Theme

Each week week of this challenge will have a theme related to the 12 Steps to Recovery or Overcoming Trauma. This week's theme for the #30DayPoetryChallenge, #WritingForHealing is: Acknowledgment & Trust.

Today's prompt is optional, for those who may be overwhelmed today. But if not, keep reading. Consider the following:

  • There is a quote that says "I'll accept the things I cannot change, and have the courage to change the things I can."

  • How can you embrace that truth in your healing journey?

Now that you've thought over the answer to this question, here is the Day Two Poetry Prompt.

Poetry Prompt

  • Write a poem expanding upon this sentence: "I can't change this, but I can change that."

  • Basically, write a series of statements and rebuttals about what you can't change, and what you can change.

  • Optional Addition: explain how you can move forward with these truths.

Creative Reminder

  • We are writing prose poetry

  • Prose poetry simply gives or explains the [your] narrative.

  • This does not require rhyme schemes or line breaks.

  • But you can have multiple paragraphs, if you like.

  • A random rhyme is also okay.

  • Feel free to use alliteration, symbols, imagery, or rhythm, if you want.

Example Poem

  • Each time I give a prompt, I will consider sharing my own response to the prompt.

  • Here is my Day Two Poem:

The Courage to Embrace The Things I Can Change

by Alison M. Caddell

I can't change what people say about me, but I can change what I say about myself. I can't change what people think of me, but I can change what I think of myself.

Their thoughts and feelings are not my business, they are far beyond my control. But the fact remains: my thoughts and feelings are my own.

I can't always change what I happen to hear or see, but I can change what I believe and absorb. For every truth or lie that comes my way, I decide what will impact my life. I have two eyes, two ears, a hand, a nose and a mouth. I'll use them as I please. To see, to hear; to touch, smell and taste...the world of my own choosing. But whatever is beyond my control, I'll leave that up to God.

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