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Poetry Prompt 5 in the Writing for Healing 30 Day Challenge

Updated: Apr 6

It's Day 5 of our #30PoetryChallenge - #WritingForHealing. In today's prompt, we are discussing why we hesitate to trust the Higher Power in our lives.

Reminder of this week's theme can be seen in the first post of this week's challenge

Table of Contents:

Poetry Prompt

Consider these statements and question:

If you've been following the #WritingForHealing challenge so far, the following is true:

  • You've acknowledged that there are things you can't control.

  • You've also acknowledged the things the Higher Power can control.

  • Finally, you've imagined or remembered a time when you followed the guidance of the Higher Power.

  • On the list of things you can't control - which ones do you struggle to let go of?

With that in mind, here is today's prompt:

  • Discuss the things you struggle to trust the Higher Power with.

  • Explain why you hesitate to trust the Higher Power with these things.

  • Optional: Discuss what needs to be done, for you to move past this hesitation.

Creative Reminder

  • We are writing prose poetry

  • Prose poetry simply gives or explains the [your] narrative.

  • This does not require rhyme schemes or line breaks.

  • But you can have multiple paragraphs, if you like.

  • A random rhyme is also okay.

  • Feel free to use alliteration, symbols, imagery, or rhythm, if you want.

Example Poem:

Today, I don't have an example poem to share. I am saving it for a later date.

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