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Poetry Prompt 7 in the Writing for Healing 30 Day Challenge

It's Day 7 of our #30DayPoetryChallenge - #WritingForHealing. In today's prompt, we are using the power of trust to understand how to take charge of our healing.

Reminder of this week's theme can be seen in the first post of this week's challenge

Table of Contents:

Poetry Prompt

Consider these truths:

  • You know what you can control. You know what you can't control.

  • You've also acknowledged what the higher power in your life can achieve if you let go of the things you can't control. So, what are you ready to trust them with?


  • It's time to fully understand how much you trust the higher power in your life. Even if you're not completely ready to trust them with everything, knowing what you do trust is important.

With that in mind, here is today's prompt:

  • Write out a list of things you trust the Higher Power in your life to manage or help you with.

  • This will be the things they can do that you struggle to do on your own.

  • Explain what you trust them with as result of that.

  • Example: "I believe you can love me, so I trust you with my heart.

Creative Reminder

  • We are writing prose poetry

  • Prose poetry simply gives or explains the [your] narrative.

  • This does not require rhyme schemes or line breaks.

  • But you can have multiple paragraphs, if you like.

  • A random rhyme is also okay.

  • Feel free to use alliteration, symbols, imagery, or rhythm, if you want.

Example Poem:

In yesterday's prompt and example, we assumed the Higher Power is therapy. Here is an example of things I'd trust therapy to manage, explained as a poem.

Dear Therapy: Part 2

by Alison Caddell

I believe you can guide me with loving correction. So I trust you with my flaws and struggles. I believe you can teach me the healthy version of love, so I trust you to know my feelings and desires. I believe in your recommendations and evaluations, because I believe in your knowledge and training. So I trust you with my brokenness, my insecurities, even with my struggles. Because you know the path I must follow, the help I must receive, in order to be whole or balanced.

I believe you can guide me to mental healing. So I trust you with my mental issues. I trust you with my mental health.

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