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Poetry Prompt 8 in the Writing for Healing 30 Day Challenge

We have completed week one of the #WritingForHealing #30DayPoetryChallenge. Week two's theme is "Seeking & Preparation." In today's prompt, we are dissecting our moral code vs our moral practice, to see our elevated selves.

Table of Contents:

Poetry Prompt

Consider the following:

  • Whether you're religious or not, you have a moral code that guides your life choices.

  • In addition, you have a moral practice that reflects how your life is being lived.

  • Our moral code and our moral practice don't always align.

  • But when you're at your best, you are probably reaching the highest standards of your moral code.

With that in mind, here is today's prompt:

  • Write out a list of things you believe, morally.

  • In other words, what are your beliefs on right and wrong?

  • Review the list, then write a poem that describes the morals and beliefs that make you your best.

  • In other words, describe your moral high ground

  • Optionally: describe how you are when you reach this high ground.

Creative Reminder

  • We are writing prose poetry

  • Prose poetry simply gives or explains the [your] narrative.

  • This does not require rhyme schemes or line breaks.

  • But you can have multiple paragraphs, if you like.

  • A random rhyme is also okay.

  • Feel free to use alliteration, symbols, imagery, or rhythm, if you want.

Example Poem:

Today's prompt doesn't come with an example. I am keeping the poem for a later release date.

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